Prior Cases

The Law Office of Mona Lyons has a proven track record of achieving results on behalf of the employees we represent.

  • A 61-year-old African American executive was fired after providing testimony in support of a colleague who had complained of discrimination. The executive was replaced by a younger and less qualified white subordinate. We sued the employer for retaliation and race and age discrimination, defeated a motion to dismiss, and then settled our client’s claims.
  • A female Muslim professor was replaced by a white Catholic male after she won a coveted spot in an international design competition for her university employer. She complained of discrimination and was then falsely accused of theft and fired. We sued the university for discrimination, retaliation, defamation and breach of contract and, after a five week trial, the jury returned a verdict for our client of more than a million dollars.
  • A 52-year-old executive was described as “old school” and fired after reporting hat his boss was having a sexual relationship with his subordinate, both of whom were substantially younger than our client. We sued the employer for age and gender discrimination, and settled his claims shortly thereafter.
  • A married male complained of sexual harassment after rebuffing his female supervisor’s advances and then fired. We sued the employer and supervisor for discrimination and retaliation, defeated a motion to dismiss, and then settled our client’s claims.
  • A sales representative was targeted for removal and then fired shortly after her boss learned she was pregnant. We filed suit against the employer for pregnancy and sex discrimination. The trial judge dismissed the claims because the company had replaced our client with another woman. We appealed, persuaded the appellate court to reinstate our client’s claims, and then settled them.
  • In addition to our work for private sector employees, we have successfully represented numerous federal employees who were discriminated against because of their race, gender and/or disabilities, or wrongfully disciplined for union related activity.
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